We are organizing for the first time in Australia

Soccer Trivia Nights!

Who We Are:
Our new Soccer Channel online TV, is dedicated to bringing exciting soccer-related content and activities to the community. We have extensive experience in creating competitions across Australia and developing programs for TV, online platforms, and IT technologies.

What We Do:

We are hosting a 7-week Soccer Trivia competition where clubs can form teams of up to five members, including players, coaches, parents, and fans.
Each week, questions will cover 10 soccer categories. We will provide 50 new articles each week (5 from each category) to help you prepare. You can view potential question examples at

Why We Do It:

Our goal is to strengthen team spirit, provide fun off-field activities, and offer clubs numerous benefits, such as:

  • Advertising your sponsors for increased income next year
  • Club exposure and recognition
  • Networking opportunities
  • Participation in our NFT Marketplace for club income
  • Advertising through our Soccer Channel broadcasts

How We Do It:

We organize weekly trivia nights at RSL venues, where clubs compete in a friendly and engaging environment.
Each club can register a team of five members.
Weekly, we will send 50 new articles covering 10 soccer categories to help teams prepare.
All questions will be based on these articles. We also provide potential question examples to give you a head start.

In Which Areas:

The competition is open to clubs from the following associations:

  • St George Football Association
  • Canterbury District Soccer Football Association
  • Illawarra Football Association
  • Sutherland Shire Football Association
  • Bankstown District Amateur Football Association


The competition will run for 7 weeks starting in October-November 2024.
Please express your interest by July 31, 2024, so we can plan the RSL venues and other logistics.

For more information on the rules and other details about the trivia, please visit

Information about our Soccer Channel can be found at

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 0430 337 444 or email at

Looking forward to your participation!

Are you ready to put your soccer knowledge to the test?

Join us for an unforgettable experience at Soccer Trivia Nights, where soccer enthusiasts come together for fun, friendly competition, and fantastic prizes. 

  • Engaging Trivia Competitions: Test your knowledge with challenging questions about soccer history, famous players, iconic matches, and more.
  • Exciting Prizes: Win Sports Coins, our exclusive cryptocurrency, and other amazing prizes.
  • Lively Atmosphere: Enjoy the energetic and welcoming environment at our trivia nights, hosted at various RSL clubs and venues across Australia.
  • Community and Fun: Meet fellow soccer fans, make new friends, and celebrate your love for the beautiful game.

Get Ready for Soccer Trivia Nights!

We have (10) 13 exciting categories for our trivia nights, each filled with informative articles and possible questions. Each category’s article provides valuable insights and knowledge about different aspects of soccer, along with 5 potential trivia questions that could be asked during the event.

How to Prepare:

Read the Articles: Each category features an article packed with interesting facts, historical moments, and key information.

Review Possible Questions: At the end of each article, you’ll find 5 possible questions that might come up during trivia nights.

Stay Engaged: Regularly check for updates and new articles to keep your knowledge fresh and current.



-Community Engagement
-Tourism and Economic Impact
-Promotion of Sports

Soccer Clubs

-Increased Revenue
-Fan Engagement
-Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities

Soccer Players

-Fan Interaction
-Mental and Social Benefits


-Educational Opportunities
-Community Building


-Knowledge and Appreciation
-Social Interaction


-Family Activity
-Role Models
-Engagement in Children’s Interests


-Brand Visibility
-Community Connection
-Targeted Marketing


-Local Businesses
-Event Organizers
-Charities and Nonprofits

Trivia Categories (Q&A)